Neon, Black Light Responsive, Glow in the Dark, and Reflective High Visibility Whip


This is three different photos of the same whip – in regular lighting, in the dark, and under a black light.  Per the customer’s order, it includes 3 different neon colors, blacklight responsive cord, glow in the dark cord and tracers, and even more reflective tracers throughout. Will this whip be visible on stage? I’m gonna say YES. 

The Whip Chick’s 16 Plait “Snignal” whips like this one combine the smooth, unbroken taper of a traditional Signal whip with a popper/cracker that can be replaced easily by the user just like you would on a Snake Whip.  You can find information on how to order your own custom 16 Plait Singletail Nylon Whipsmade by Lauren Wickline at and!


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