Black and Neons Nylon Whip

Neon Black Signal Whips

The customer who ordered this matched pair of 16 Plait Nylon Signal Whips wanted a very specific color scheme and pattern, and I think the result looks great!  This matched pair will definitely stand out in a crowd.

16 Plait Nylon Whips

“Snignal” whips combine the smooth, unbroken taper of a traditional Signal whip with a popper/cracker that can be replaced easily by the user just like you would on a Snake Whip.  So you can pretty much call them whatever you want.  🙂  Check out MidWestWhips Nylon Whips page or The Whip Chick’s Nylon Whips page for more information on 16 Plait Nylon Snignal Whips made by Lauren Wickline.


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