Custom Red & Black Snignal Whip w/ Specialty Cord

Red Black Snake Whip

This is a custom Red & Black Snignal Whip made with Imperial Red paracord, Black paracord, and a new specialty color: Black with red speckles.  If you are interested in a specialty paracord color like we used in this whip, just let us know.  Sometimes it’s a little more expensive, but usually not by too much.  It can’t hurt to ask anyway, right?  🙂

MidWestWhips’ “Snignal” whips combine the smooth, unbroken taper of a traditional Signal whip with a popper/cracker that can be replaced easily by the user just like you would on a Snake Whip.  Check out our MidWestWhips Nylon Whips page for more information our singletail Snignal Whips.


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